Bulking Agent

Due to its low density, maltodextrin is often used as a filler with high intensity sweeteners

Viscosity Management

Maltodextrin can be used as a carbohydrate-based fat replacer It functions by interacting with the water in the formulation to create a heat-stable, smooth gel. This gel can mimic the texture and creamy mouth feel of fats, increase the viscosity of an unprocessed product, and add body/mouthfeel to finished products. It can be used in this manner in a wide range of products, from baked goods

It can aid in the stabilization of ice cream and frozen yogurt by controlling the melting character and increasing the freezing temperature.

Maltodextrins can be added to beer to improve the mouth feel and increase the head foam retention.

Stabilizer & Carrier

Maltodextrin can be used in tableting with pharmaceutical compounds. It can be used in roller compaction during the tableting process. Fruit and vegetable juice concentrates can be spray dried onto maltodextrin to create powdered forms. In molecular gastronomy, oils are often mixed with maltodextrin to create powdered versions with no additional flavoring. Experiments have been done to create versions of powdered alcohol, Absorbing a flavor base on a maltodextrin carrier can produce powdered flavors.


Coating low fat extruded snacks, like pretzels or cereals, with syrups and maltodextrins can create a shiny, crisp surface. When added to confectionery coatings, maltodextrin aids in boosting slurry solids to dry the coatings faster.

Sweetness Reducer

Maltodextrin has a low level of sweetness. It can be used to replace other bulking ingredients to reduce sweetness in products, if added sweetness is impacting the product’s flavor.